Google Ads Management

We manage your entire Google Ads marketing process, so you can focus on the work that really matter, fulfilling your mission. We’ll put your ads on Google where people can find them. Your advertisements will appear when a person searches on Google for relevant keywords.

Advertisements that appear near the top on search result pages are more likely to be seen. Google uses a number of factors such as price, quality, and relevance to determine the order of advertisements on search result pages. We will make sure that your messages are appearing to the right people, at the right time, for the right price. We do this by monitoring market indicators and adapting your advertisement campaigns. 

Compliance Management

Google has specific guidelines organizations must follow to remain eligible for the Ad Grant. We only operate advertisement campaigns that are in compliance with these requirements. We also stay abreast of Google’s policy changes to ensure all of your campaigns remain compliant. 

Leave your Google ads management to us. We’ll constantly develop and enhance your nonprofit’s marketing plan and manage your Ads account. We do the work for you, so your nonprofit can get the outcome it needs. Let’s chat today about your Google Ads management. Sign-up for a free consultation below.

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