Full Service Digital Marketing

We take the guesswork out of digital marketing by handling the online promotion of your organization, so you can focus on what matters the most, your mission.

We get to know your organization and what you stand for, so we can use digital marketing to support your mission. From Google Ads to Facebook marketing, we’ll help you accomplish your digital outreach goals.

  • In-depth consultation to learn your organization
  • Strategic marketing planning session
  • Digital marketing implementation
  • Geo-targeting to reach specific locations
  • Campaign tracking and follow-up meeting

Facebook Ads and Pay Per Click

Go beyond Google Ads to maximize your reach with image and video-based advertising. We manage Facebook marketing, Google Display Ads, and other pay per click (PPC) advertising channels. Although these avenues are beyond the scope of the Google Ad Grant, they provide great ways to advertise and promote your organization’s mission. We will use your budget to tailor make a plan that complements your Google Ads campaigns. 

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